Commit to realising a society that is healthy both physically
and mentally at its core to encourage life and living.


The Japan Association for the Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases, a medical organization, conducts a strictly review of products and services related to health management that is essential for maintenance and improvement of people. They have experts in various fields and screen it with them to set a standard that are excellent quality and safety that consumers can use it with confidence
AquaBank will continue to take an effort to get evidences and certifications from third party aiming user's confidence for using our product

Contract of exclusive agency in South Korea signed

We supported "The 9th caregiver presentation event".
In this aging population, caregiving problems over the past few years are big deal that every one of us have to consider seriously.
Caregivers have been setting a goal that improve their caregiving and also taking much effort to solve it with trying and error

The Japan Home-Apparatus Association announced "Certified Home-Health Improvement Product" is going to be changed to "Certified Home-Health Promotion Product"
As this changing, our products "KENCOS3" and "KENCOS4" which are already certified will also be changed to "Certified Home-Health Promotion Product"

Pic up KENCOS4

What is KENCOS?

KENCOS represents the start of an era in which we inhale hydrogen gas as a new custom for maintaining our health. It enables us to inhale fresh hydrogen gas directly through our mouths no matter where we are.

Enhance the enjoyment with selectable flavors

Inserting the flavor cartridges (sold separately) enriches the ingredients that support health.

Its compact palm-sized design enables it to be carried around everywhere. It’s an item that’s near at hand, and it supports a bright and positive daily life. This is what KENCOS is all about.

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The strength of shaping ideas into reality.

To endure bringing about significant contribution, it is important to have a "warehouse of ideas" as well as the "technology to make it a reality". Aquabank continue its quest for new ideas, while dedicating itself to making ideas a reality.

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We have nearly 400 distributors in Japan including specialized sales agencies, department stores, household appliance merchandising stores, and so on.

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