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Hydrogen inhalation

Hydrogen inhalation
Introducing molecular hydrogen into your life

Hydrogen inhalation therapy is continuing to catch the attention of experts in the field from all over the world.

Why Choose KENCOS as your hydrogen inhaler?

KENCOS could be a valuable tool for anyone to help improve their healthy lifestyle. By incorporating KENCOS into your life and regularly taking the time to enjoy inhalation sessions, the controlled breathing of the hydrogen will allow for relaxation and refreshment.


How does KENCOS compare to one of the many other hydrogen inhalers on the market?


KENCOS is unique within the world of hydrogen products due to the technology it effectively utilizes. Designed and produced in Japan, it was created on the back of vast amounts of research with the goal in mind being how to offer someone the chance to practice hydrogen inhalation portably without the need to invest in industrial-sized machines or visit expensive clinics.

The result is an elegant, pocket-size hydrogen inhaler which is beginning to catch the world’s attention as a truly compact hydrogen delivery system.

Portability: A truly compact hydrogen inhaler.

Up until KENCOS, hydrogen inhalers were large machines that were only available for use in specialized clinics. For the inhalers available for purchase, they offer zero to little portability and sometimes require additional equipment for use such as cannulas for the delivery of the hydrogen gas.


KENCOS is a truly portable hydrogen gas inhaler. It can be carried in your bag or simply in your pocket.

Use at the office, at the gym, whilst walking, or simply when relaxing at home. A natural benefit to hydrogen gas is that it is odorless and cannot be seen, meaning you can enjoy KENCOS anywhere without needing to worry about intrusive smoke or vapors bothering people around you.

Affordability and running costs


Authentic hydrogen inhalers will never be cheap due to the technology that is required to be installed in order to produce hydrogen gas in a way that should be directly delivered into the body.

That being said, hydrogen inhalers are usually simply too expensive to purchase or are available only within clinics, which require regular and expensive visits to use.

Due to its compact design, KENCOS can be purchased for a fraction of what the larger machines on the market are on sale for.


Easy to use without the need for complicated equipment and instructions, KENCOS has a single button that is pushed down to activate the electrolysis process. A clear window built into the electrolysis tank allows you to actually see the process taking place as the bubbles are generated, indicating electrolysis.


No tubes, headwear or anything else is required to inhale hydrogen. The button is simply held down whilst you inhale through the mouth piece.

KENCOS has a built-in battery and simply requires re-charging via a USB cable that is included with the device in the box.

Flavor cartridges


Heighten your experience by installing an aroma cartridge

Never seen before in the history of hydrogen inhalation, we have succeeded in designing an inhaler that allows the user to give the naturally odorless and tasteless hydrogen gas an enjoyable flavor.

There is a chamber within the device which allows for flavor cartridges to be installed. A heater within the chamber heats the cartridges and the vapors are inhaled at the same time as the hydrogen is.

Whilst this has no impact on the hydrogen flow, it is an option for people who enjoy being able to taste the hydrogen and can completely change the experience of inhalation.

Flavor mode is activated and deactivated via a switch under the main power button.


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