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The arrival of an era in which we inhale for health


KENCOS represents the start of an era in which we inhale hydrogen gas as a new custom for maintaining our health. It enables us to inhale hydrogen gas directly through our mouths no matter where we are.

KENCOS was conceived for the purpose of ensuring that inhaling hydrogen for health becomes a familiar new custom. It is of a compact size that enables it to be carried around everywhere and it allows hydrogen to be inhaled through the mouth to enable use as a part of your everyday lifestyle. This high-quality hydrogen experience can be enjoyed at home or in the office, and it supports a daily sense of positivity.



Hydrogen inhalation

Introducing molecular hydrogen into your life

The unique technology of KENCOS

Learn how KENCOS works and how it produces hydrogen gas.

Flavor cartridges

Inhale flavored hydrogen gas for the first time ever.

Product Lineup

The KENCOS 4 hydrogen inhaler and its different consumables and accessories.


Frequently asked questions from our customers.

Recognized for safety and a high quality design.

703 neurologists and neurosurgeons were surveyed online and 88% answered that they would recommend 'KENCOS 4'

88% of neurologists and neurosurgeons answered that they would recommend this product.
Survey details were as follows:

Survey method: Internet survey
Survey duration: 22nd January ~ 23rd January 2023
Surveyees: 703 surveyees in total made up of neurosurgeons and neurologists
Surveyee selection method: Target persons who meet the prescribed conditions for the survey are selected
Survey provider: General Research Inc.


Certified Health Improvement product

"Certified Health Improvement product" refers to machinery and equipment designed to improve people's health, beauty and quality of life (QOL) and certified by The Japan Home-Health Apparatus Industrial Association.


Recommended by The Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease

This recommendation means that The Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease have recognized KENCOS as a product that can contribute to the spread of preventive medicine, meeting their strict screening criteria.


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