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'Working towards a healthier, mature society.'

We aim to create a society where people can live their lives stress-free with a healthy body and mind. We provide evidence-based solutions to improve the QOL (Quality Of Life) for people around the world.

Our goal is to make people healthy using the power of hydrogen.

The most efficient way to generate hydrogen, which form we should utilize, and the best way to incorporate this technology into your lifestyle; these points are our main focus and we look to demonstrate to the world how hydrogen is our core solution to health improvement.

A Message from our company representative:


Our company's basic philosophy is to contribute to society by utilizing technology to improve health. We want to improve the QOL for people and extend life expectancy,
Of course, there are many key factors to a healthy lifestyle. Diet, sleep, exercise etc., these are all important, however our focus is to make use of the unknown potential of hydrogen.

Through repeated joint research with specialized institutions on the biological changes caused by hydrogen intake, we have come to a conclusion.
By conditioning the brain, we can maintain our physical and mental health.

Company Overview

Location Main Office
Osaka Shi, Chuo-Ku, Bakuromachi 1-8-15
TEL: 06-6265-1034
FAX: 06-6265-1035
Tokyo Office
Tokyo Bu Chuo-ku, Hatchobori 1-3-9 Sakane Yaesu Building 6th Floor
West Osaka Office
Osaka Fu, Osaka Shi, Naniwa, Kuboyoshi 1-2-23
Distribution Center
Osaka Shi, Taisho, Chishima 3-22-17
Established 7th June 2011
Capital 515.25 million yen (including capital reserve of 246 million yen)
Company Directors Takashi Takehara
Akira Tsuda
Takeuchi Shigetaka
Kou Kojima
Business Description ・Manufacture and rental service of "AquaBank" mineral hydrogen water server
・Manufacture and sale of 'KENCOS' portable hydrogen inhaler
・Manufacture and sale of 'SuicCho' hydrogen chocolate
・Manufacture and sale of 'PoiPoi' hydrogen health goods
・Manufacture and sale of 'SUISOL' hydrogen water stick
・Manufacture and sale of customized cartridges
・Manufacture and sale of water purification and hydrogen generation systems for overseas markets
・Manufacture and sale of 'SUISO MASK (Hydrogen Mask)'
・Planning, manufacturing and sales of sanitary masks


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