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Frequently asked questions

Q1How does KENCOS generate hydrogen?
KENCOS generates hydrogen via the process of electrolysis. Electricity feeds into the tank where it splits the electrolysis liquid into oxygen and hydrogen. The gases then travel up a small tube and are inhaled. 8ml of hydrogen gas is generated per minute.
Q2Which consumables do I need to make KENCOS work?
The electrolysis liquid is required to produce hydrogen. The flavor cartridges add an enjoyable element to practicing hydrogen inhalation for health however they are not required for hydrogen production.
Q3How long does the battery last?
After being fully charged, the battery will last for 40 minutes if using hydrogen-only mode and for 20 minutes if using only hydrogen + flavor mode.
Q4Is there a warranty included?
There is a 1-year warranty included. Please keep hold of the warranty card and proof of purchase. Please see the instruction manual for further details regarding the warranty.
Q5How can I check the remaining battery level?
First, turn the device on by pushing the power button three times in quick succession. After the device turns on, the battery level will quickly be displayed according to the color that the button lights up. Blue = 80% or more, Green = 20% - 80%, Red 20% or less.
Q6Are the ingredients in the flavor cartridges safe?
All ingredients within the flavor cartridges are completely safe for consumption.
Q7How long does a flavor cartridge last?
The lifespan of the flavor cartridge will greatly depend on the strength and frequency of each inhalation.
Q8How long does a bottle of the electrolysis liquid last?
If KENCOS is used five times a day for 5 minutes each time, the liquid should last for approx. 6 days.
Q9How much of the electrolysis liquid should I put into the tank?
Each time the liquid is replenished, all of the previous liquid should be discarded and the entire contents of the new bottle should be poured into the tank. It is important to never top-up the liquid in parts as this will affect the balance of the electrolysis liquid formula.
Q10Can a pregnant woman use KENCOS?
Whilst hydrogen is completely safe to inhale, we still insist that if using during pregnancy or during breast-feeding you consult your doctor first.
Q11How often should I use KENCOS?
KENCOS can be safely enjoyed without restriction and at any time of the day, however as our research is based on using the device 5 times a day for 5 minutes each time, we advise this as the recommended usage.。
Q12Is it safe to use around babies and small children?
KENCOS will not cause any harm to babies or small children, however as the action of inhalation may seem inappropriate to younger ages, we advise not to use KENCOS in the presence of babies and small children.
Q13What kind of technique should I use when inhaling?
Inhale firmly but not too deeply for a few seconds per inhalation. It is particularly important to not inhale deeply when using flavor mode as this can potentially burn the contents of the cartridge.
Q14Nothing comes out when I inhale and exhale the hydrogen.
Hydrogen cannot be seen and has no flavor. As long as the bubbles are being generated in the electrolysis tank this means that hydrogen is being produced. Please use the flavor cartridges to visualize your inhalation experience.
Q15What is the black cartridge for?
The black cartridge simply acts as an object to block any gas escaping and should always be installed when using hydrogen-only mode. Please do not use flavor mode with the black cartridge installed.
Q16What happens if I switch on flavor mode with the black cartridge installed? Is there a special black flavor?
The black cartridge is a dummy cartridge needed to block the flow of hydrogen. If installed during flavor mode, the heater will not have any liquid to burn and so the device will automatically cease to function.

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