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Korea - B&B Health-care

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Poland - BioLogIQ Sp. z o.o.


Through the ongoing support of our trusted partners within our network, including the Japan External Trade Organization, the London Chambers of Commerce and our other supporting businesses and respective clients, we have laid a fundamental base for our international distribution. In order to continue expanding the business, we are always looking for partners who share our same vision and dream, who also strive to make hydrogen products more accessible to a wider range of people.

Domestic Distribution in Japan

KENCOS has been collaborating with two of Japan's most well-known electronics chains since the release of its first model.


Electronics Chain Stores

KENCOS is available in several stores under the names of two of Japan's biggest electronics chains. Thanks to its unique functions and innovative position in the industry, it attracts wide attention from people who take extra efforts to care for their health. The product is also popular with overseas travelers coming to Japan.


TV Shopping

In the Japanese market, TV shopping is thought to be the most effective sales channel that allows us to appeal to demographics that are relatively elderly, have concerns regarding their health, and are looking for a product that can help them maintain their well-being. The TV shopping platform recorded the largest number of sales to end-users in a single month in the history of this business, with nearly 1,000 devices sold in just one month.


Online Sales

Our products are prominently featured across a diverse array of Japanese online shopping platforms, including and Rakuten, as well as numerous other platforms affiliated with our trusted official distributors. Through our extensive network of partnerships, our products seamlessly reach every corner of the nation, making them accessible in cities nationwide. The dedicated pages consistently deliver outstanding performance, ensuring a robust online presence and an unparalleled shopping experience for our customers.


Bedroom Furniture Shop

One of our flagship distributors is Japan's foremost futon brand, renowned across the nation. Their retail stores and network of cooperated department stores span numerous cities, where they regularly host impactful events showcasing our products to local customers. Each event has garnered stellar reviews, resonating with audiences. Given that our products offer potential enhancements for sleep, they seamlessly complement their bedroom product line. This collaboration not only aligns perfectly with their offerings but also delivers an enticing benefit to the discerning audience, enhancing the overall appeal.


Promotional Seminar Sales

Our products are also sold by a distributor with a unique Japanese sales channel known as Promotional Seminar Sales. This business is provided by companies with a large membership base, who tour various regions of the country regularly to sell a variety of products to their members in a closed market. The main products introduced in this type of business are often relatively expensive products, as it is an effective way of selling luxury products, utilizing the advantage of having a large number of members with high income levels.

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